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The BackTester is the Ultimate tool for Traders.

Back testing software

The BackTester is the Ultimate tool for Traders. It allows our traders to both save an immense amount of time and stress. The BackTester works for you continuously. Our Artificial Intelligence Algorithms are doing market research at every moment and then producing real time Analysis on everything that is happening in the Markets.

The markets tend to react in similar patterns, that is the reason why traders must do very intense analysis.

There are two ways traders can do analysis:

  1. The hard way: You constantly print out charts in order to figure out how exactly the market reacted in similar situations. This strategy is very time consuming and it’s very hard to get accurate analysis in real-time. Additionally, market patterns are constantly changing. 
  2. The smart way: Use the most advanced technology available. That’s what we did, by creating the BackTester.This gives traders the ability to see the patterns of the markets in real-time and get a snapshot of the market reactions in similar situations of any Trade-Idea or economic event.

This all happens with one click of the BackTester Icon and in real-time. 

Watch the full video:

The BackTester is a great tool for traders that want to improve their trading skills, as well as for traders that want to predict how the market will react to future event releases. Its unparalleled analytics will give you the confidence you need to trade economic events and price actions without giving it a second thought. Lastly, the BackTester allows you to work smarter, not harder. So take advantage of the intelligence it provides you and sees your profits soar.

More about the Backterester you can find here


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