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Important service update [Please read to stay informed]

This message is to update you about significant progress in BetterTrader benefits and to express our appreciation for the time you have been using our product since January 2017, time flies…

The business is growing and in order to deliver better value to our customers, in the following week we will discontinue supporting the currently available free version and put all our efforts in serving our premium clients.

This change will be accompanied by improved benefits that you will receive in each premium plan and will help us concentrate even more on serving you with an analysis that is proprietary and not available to other traders.

We would like you to know that we appreciate your valuable feedback and the trust that you put in us to serve you and would like you to get on board with the premium membership in BetterTrader.

From now on we will support only 3 plans: Starter, Smart and Pro. (for more details please CLICK HERE)

About the plans: Who is this plan for?

1. Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is ideal for new traders who mostly use mobile. It will give you access to Trade Ideas and other useful features. With this plan, you will get notifications and access for trade ideas, which are triggered by macro news or price action in the markets, as they happen.

2. Smart Plan

The Smart Plan is ideal for active traders who seek new opportunities. If the majority of your trading happens from your desktop, then this plan will give you the ability to: monitor and prepare for news events, get twitter notifications, use the support and resistance feature, and use the voice assistant. These features will keep you on top of what’s happening in the markets.

3. Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is ideal for a professional trader that treat trading seriously and like to stay updated, get real-time alerts, and have the ability to dig and see how the market reacted in similar situations.

With the Risk ON/Risk OFF (RORO) real-time monitor, you can see the sentiment shifting and emerging in the market in a unique way that leads to success. The pro plan grants you access to all the features and benefits that we offer.

And that’s it! ️


Eyal Mor, CEO

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