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How we helped traders working on their own account make informed trading decisions

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Traders working on their own account used real-time data and global news event analysis software to decrease trading risk and increase revenue.


Being knowledgeable about financial markets and reading financial news websites isn’t enough for traders working independently to be successful. Concise, real-time analysis of global financial markets and world news events enables traders to cut through the information overload on the internet and find the data they need to be smart and successful.

Traders who work on their own account lack the access to resources and advice which institution traders often rely on. Trading with their own money and on their own time, the risks can be high. A series of badly informed trades can mean financial hardship for a trader and for their account. With potential high stakes, we knew it was important to develop a strategy for traders to reduce trading risk and increase trade revenue.

The Problem

To start, we analyzed the methods in which traders working independently gather and assess information about global markets and events with the potential to affect them. We found that many traders struggle to find real-time updates about world events with the potential to affect financial markets, due to the sheer volume of other information available on the internet. Without accurate and timely information about events around the world, it is impossible to predict market reactions.

The first step to helping traders was to provide them the platform to find news updates, follow global market trends, get real-time trading ideas, and buy and sell through their brokers. Enabling traders to use a single dynamic platform as the center for their trading research and activities was the first step to facilitate easier and smarter trading.

Our Solution

Primary challenges for traders working on their own account were difficulty in finding the most relevant information in real time and analyzing that information to reduce risk and make better trades. By using, we were able to help traders gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of global markets, all in real time.

By using the platform, we enabled traders to stay on top of world news. Daily emails give an outline of global new events and predicted reactions, and push notifications remind traders when an event will be starting soon. Trade ideas, based on present market trends and on world news events, give traders a quantitative measure of risk and reward for a potential purchase or sale.

The Results

Traders working independently now using have been able to trade with lower risk, higher revenue, and more confidence than before. With trade ideas to suggest beneficial trades, amateur traders have been able to use concise statistical analysis instead of market theory to make smarter trades. Experienced traders benefit from the ability to monitor events from all parts of the world, allowing them to trade on more markets without sacrificing a detailed understanding of those markets.

An overload of mediocre quality information can make it difficult to find accurate and timely information traders need to make informed decisions. We enabled traders to find and focus on the market trends and world news events most relevant to them, all in one place, and always at their fingertips. Better information has helped traders working independently be less risky and more profitable, enabling them to find new markets, new opportunities, and new confidence.

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