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Tech for Traders: Artificial Intelligence to Predict Market Reaction [from Yahoo Finance]

Former professional day traders and statistics specialists, with years of trading and coding experience, created a service that provides traders with statistically back-tested trade ideas using artificial intelligence algorithms

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The markets react based on new information and traders lack the ability to analyze the market in real time. A lot of new information streams into the markets all the time, digesting this information is difficult for a human. BetterTrader’s AI can process a huge amount of data in a short period of time and generate trade ideas. The most essential barrier is that development of AI infrastructure which is critical for effective work of AI, is extremely expensive.

Time is a key element in trading.

Eyal Mor, CEO of, commented: “Most traders are not aware of the existence and do not use the most advanced technology, in most cases, AI is available only inside hedge funds and banks’ trading rooms for internal use and not accessible to the public.” is an AI-powered information platform

An analysis tool that interprets market data into accurate trading decisions in real-time. Turning data into information, and information into trade ideas.

The main goal of BetterTrader is to reveal the most relevant trade ideas and new opportunities on the market. BetterTrader AI algorithms monitor a variety of news and data sources across the world in real-time. The data from various sources is fed into a central server, where it is analyzed by our AI engine for patterns, relationships, and opportunities.

BetterTrader system can compete with the top teams of analysts in the field of timing, accuracy, and intelligence by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence,” said one of the company’s clients, Arviv Israel, FX and commodities professional trader.

Another BetterTrader client stated “It’s as if you have an entire team of super experienced analysts working around the clock.”

About is a group of former professional day traders and statistics specialists with years of trading and coding experience. They created this program to provide our traders with statistically back-tested trade ideas using artificial intelligence algorithms, sending you analyzed information about macro events at the exact moment they are released.’s technology then calculates the magnitude of these events using historical data and artificial intelligence to predict market reaction. Additionally, helps traders to react to market movements with price-driven trade ideas which are detected by their own artificial intelligence algorithms.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Author: PR Newswire

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