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You can’t be on top of all Economic Events

Economic events - DIY


Economic data tends to work as a catalyst for short-term movements in different markets. When economic news is pre-scheduled and even after its release, there is a lot of price volatility, which means new opportunities for traders. If you have the right insight, you can do brilliant trades once you see the events’ results.
For instance, let’s say that the Non-farm Payroll Expected number is 187,000 and the Actual number comes out as 237,000. Is a surprise by 50,000 big enough to trade the EUR/USD? And what about the revision? You need a lot of processing to interpret this data, predict where the market is headed and what may impact your currency movements.
It’s up to us as traders to capture profit from the markets’ reaction
For this to happen, you need to understand how markets respond to news, but you have no time for that. So, you ask analysts to do it for you; they send you a lot of emails with big descriptions and detailed charts reporting the markets’ behavior according to different economic indicators.
Economic Event’s Report
In the end, you don’t really care about these reports; you don’t wanna have to read big stories 15 min after an event release. You want facts translated into quick numbers and accurate insights.
The question is: How can you handle a huge amount of economic events releasing data that might generate a great impact in the markets you trade and also get clean and quick results? The answer is: you can’t.
What if you had the perfect tool for this task?
Imagine that you could get the right insight from the Non-farm Payroll report or any other Economic Calendar event. BetterTrader is your automatic event analyzer. It gives you the tools to build your own Economic Calendar through which you receive the exact data you care about. Choose any event of any country at any time and you will get professional insights about them in real-time. This way, we want to set you free from bugs and optimize your time focusing on the important economic events for you.
The actual part of the report that you care about
The human brain and even a team of analysts cannot supply accurate insights for any economic event out of thousands released in the month, for sure not in real time. With BetterTrader, you follow the meaningful events and receive the predicted behaviors quickly, being aware of real impacts’ time in the markets you trade. Letting our computer co-work with you improves your trading decisions and makes you ahead of the market.

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