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Voice Assistant on Bettertrader.co – squawk box service – hear the news

Hello it’s Ben here with bettetrader.co back to bring you a video on one of our newest features, the voice assistant. What the voice assistant does is it gives you the possibility to avoid having to always look at the platform of interface┬á and still hear the news releases with just a voice.

This is very common in many wall street movies when there are gigantic speakers blasting the news, this is what BetterTrader provides for you. This is very helpful for someone who wants to multitask and not only look at the BetterTrader platform. Check out this video to see how you can be the ultimate multitasking trader…

Voice Assistant

Stay on top of the latest event notifications and news releases through audio cues using the AI voice assistant. The voice assistant can provide traders with the comfort of staying on top of the latest financial events and tweets. The true beauty of the voice assistant is that if a trader is distracted by something else at the time of a news-based event, as soon as they receive an audio cue, they can act upon it immediately after.

The Voice Assistant can be highly customized and catered to the events that you only wish to get info on. Not only can the trader filter which economic events, news releases, and how often they are notified before an event occurs, but they can also customize the voice of the AI assistant. The voice assistance can also be customized to receive tweet notifications from influential people or events that occur that can potentially influence and have a lasting effect on the market; such as tweets from Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Bloomberg Markets, and FT Finance news.

For example, the voice assistant can be configured to issue an audio cue at several intervals leading up to an event. As the event releases in real time, the audio assistant has the capability of reading out the news release for the trader using an audio cue. This allows for the ultimate multitasking scenario. Traders can be on a completely different platform or website doing something else, while still receiving real-time news releases and event notifications through the convenience of audio cues.

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