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So how much can I benefit from using BetterTrader? Is it really worth it? Will I stand to gain more than my subscription cost?

Above, are questions that everyone will be asking before subscribing to BetterTrader or any other service provider. We understand that people may want to question the real value they are gaining when joining us at BetterTrader. So here is a quick calculation to show you how easy it is to get your money’s worth.

Let’s say your trading success rate is 60%. To simplify, if out of 100 equally weighted trades you are winning 60 and losing 40, so a nice profit of 20, not bad right?

Now let’s say, for argument’s sake, that using BetterTrader you could improve this tally to 65 wins and 35 loses – just moving 5% from the loss to the winning side.

Let’s recalculate the profit. Before we had a nice profit of 20, now we have a profit of 30. We made 10.

But in percentage terms how much did you increase your profit? The answer=50%! You improved from 20->30 (even though the winning tally only changed by 5)

Here we see how much of a difference winning a few more trades makes, when you’re not losing them. This is a scary fact, but we see how much every trade matters. With BetterTrader, algorithms are there to help you, they are your team of analysts, every trade can be measured, evaluated and taken with more statistical backing. Remembering how easily a small difference makes in the grand scheme of things, is vital to your bottom line.


You can also enable Email Notifications. Email notifications through the BetterTrader app can provide you with morning, evening, weekly as well as weekly email digests with lists of upcoming and past events to keep you up to date with the most recent news driven and economic events that can potentially influence the markets you trade.

Why Economic Events?

  1. Economic Events are a source of volatility, therefore they provide many trading opportunities.
  2. Economic Events are pre-scheduled, therefore BetetrTrader can prepare you to trade them in advance.
  3. Economic Events are recurring, therefore we can look at their history to potentially assess future market movements.

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