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What is the difference between trading analysis systems and BetterTrader?

Traders nowadays are flooded with tons of information from the market movements, news and economic events which are happening, including many technical indicators. The problem is that you don’t know how significant this piece of information is, and how much it should affect the market.

As a trader, you want to see clearly how those special moments actually affected the market in the past.

This is what we do. We developed a computed artificial intelligence tool which analysis how those same new pieces of info which are happening now, affected the market in the recent past. This is the best indicator of how the market will react this time as well.

Not only that, instead of checking on thousands of events, we give you the best trading ideas based on how the market reacted to those events in the past.

For example, if an event is happening, and 9 out of 10 times this event has caused an increase in the price of gold in the past, our system will immediately notify you about this great trading opportunity.

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